Introduction To The Bear Hunt
Timmy Abell

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Artwork by Don Pedi
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Are you Ready?
Are you sure you want to go bear huntin'?
Not afraid of bears are you?
OK, now before we go, there's a few things you'll need to know
to make the journey successful, and safe.
First, somebody has to be the leader, so,
make sure you have a leader
Got a leader? OK. And everybody says what the leader says,
and does what the leader does.
Now remember, when we're just going along,
we slap the tops of our legs, like this,
otherwise we won't get anywhere.
When we say We're gonna catch a big one, we mean it,
and we stretch out our arms like we're about to hug Santa Claus.
When we say I'm not afraid,
we point to ourselves with both thumbs,
When we say Are You?,
then we point at somebody else, and when we say Not me!,
we do the thumb thing again. Everybody got it??
Now, when you open the gate,
you swing your arm out to open it up, and back to close it.
Climbing up mountains or trees
Looks like you're climbing a ladder,
and when you're looking around, your hand is above your eyes
like the bill of a baseball cap. Swish both arms back and forth
to get through the tall grass, and just swish your fingers
to get through the short grass.
And if we end up climbin' a tree,
and it starts swaying back and forth, then you hold on real tight,
don't let go, and just ride it. It's fun!
Now if you see mud,
stick out your tongue and make a really ugly face.
And one more thing, if we get as far as the river,
pretend like you're swimming,
even if you don't really know how,
and for goodness sake, if we ever see a cave,
Be Quiet!
Everybody ready? OK Now have a good time,
do all the extra things that your imagination tells you about
along the way.
Oh, and one more thing, and this is just for the leader:
If you do decide to go in a cave, close your eyes so you can see,
go slow and keep looking around and feeling things
til you find something hairy.
Let's go!