Dear Dad

Dear Dad,

      I am having a great time up here. My classes are going great and my teachers are very nice. It looks like the most interesting one will be psychology because the teacher is great and she seems to really know her stuff. I've gotten a chance to meet a lot of new people and I'm in the process of building a lot of new friendships. The food is really good too, I just hope I have enough money to last me through the semester. Tommy and a couple others are coming up to visit so that should be a lot of fun. My room mate and I bunked the beds in our room to give us some more room and I found a good deal on a futon at K-Mart. There are tunnels here that people are allowed to spray paint in so I've been spending a lot of time doing that. I learned that having a car is really not going to be a problem, the Apple cart goes practically anywhere I would want to go, even to Sugar. Please do not throw out any of my stuff that I left in the trailer, if anything else just take the boxes to moms because a lot of the stuff is very important to me. I love you and thank you for this opportunity at success. I will try to keep in touch throughout the semester.
Love Justin

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