by Justin Abell

     One experience, I can remember, in which a person has left a lasting impression on me would be the times I spent with my grandmother. I have not visited her for about three years, but my family and I used to visit her every Easter. I can remember the car ride all the way from Asheville to Florida and anticipating seeing my grandmother the whole time.

     Her house had a very unique smell to it. It smelled like a mixture of moth balls and bubble gum. My grandmother is handicapped by a dead leg so she is very slow when she moves around. The way she moves reflects her attitude, laid back and taking it easy. She always had treats waiting for us when we arrived and she would always make us guess what they were. My grandmother became famous for these types of games. The bike trails that wove through my grandmotherís neighborhood are perhaps what remind me most of her. My whole family used to go on long bike rides through the never ending maze of asphalt. I can remember the scenery and how she would tell us about everything, whether it was her telling us the business of her neighbors or explaining why the moss grew on the trees.

     The beach became a special place for my grandmother and me. She would help me build humongous sand castles and aid in the destruction of them before the tide would have its chance to do the honors. We used to sit on the beach and talk for hours as we watched the sun sink into the sparkling ocean. One thing that will always remind me of our experiences on the beach together are the hot dogs. No matter where I go I can never find a hot dog that tastes as good as the ones you can buy on the beaches of Daytona.

     The last three years of not seeing my grandmother have made me realize how important those times were to me. She has become very ill in these past few years and soon it will be her time to go. My only regret is that I havenít had the pleasure of holding a hot dog in my hand with my toes in the sand, watching the last rays of light disappear from the sky with my grandmother in such a long time.

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