High School
by Justin Abell

     High school, for me, was a time to reflect on myself and find out who I really was. I accomplished this by observing the actions of my fellow students and deciding for myself what I wanted. I learned that being yourself and not going along with what was ďcoolĒ at the time is the best thing for self reflection. The most important memories I have from those four years are Mr. Wilsonís environmental science class, lunch time, and finding my real friends.

     My Freshman year was the year I changed the most. I went through a lot of different faces before I decided what I wanted. I used to buy clothes just for a label and act like a prep just trying to fit in. At the end of my freshman year I began to mold the person I will one day be. My freshman year made me aware of the more important issues in life. It helped me gain a perspective of things that would help me through the years to come.

      Mr. Wilsonís environmental science class taught me to respect the world I live in, which is one of the most beneficial things high school gave me. In his class I was also able to learn from the other students. I feel that a lot of people go to school with a false image, pretending to be someone they are not. This observation reminded me of how important it was to be myself. The class was able to teach me knowledge of both environmental issues and social activity.

     Lunch time at school was a joke. I did not agree with the rules at my school at all. Sometimes it seemed that teachers were more worried about catching you than teaching. I was still able to sneak off campus during lunch every day. During some school days I think I learned more engaging in small conversations at Wendyís, than I learned in class. I learn a lot just by talking to people, and I think this is one of the best educational tools. Getting back on campus was the most fun. The faculty usually wasnít looking out for you, but sometimes you had to sneak back on, or run. That is the most entertaining memory I have of high school. Even though I call lunch a joke, I have to say it was the most fun.

     I think the rules at my high school blocked out a lot of the potential they had to educate us. I am not saying that I didnít get a good education, I took everything that I wanted to away from that school. My freshman year tested me to find out who I was, lunch was always there to take the stress off, and Mr. Wilsonís class taught me a lot about life. High school is good thing to look back on, but I think itís time for me to experience a bigger world with more freedom.

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