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Justin is still with us, perhaps in ways that we don't fully understand. You might like to write a note or letter to him directly. If you would like to post your letter here, simply e-mail it to:
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It's been a while since I have been back to to Asheville. I have moved out and started school in Florida. Some of the best moments I have had down here are sitting around alone, bored, lonely with a nice hit of green just thinking of times spent with friends and figuring out who your true friends are. As I sit and listen to the beautiful song "Dedicated" by Alex, I begin focusing on one person alone. That person is you my friend. I remember the days and nights spent at "The Trailor". You, me, Tommy, Brent, Kukyendall, Grant, Dylan, Tyler, Colin, Colin's boys, Trey, Darian, Daniel, Drew, Justin M., the list goes on. That place was almost an escape hatch for me. I take that back, that place was an escape hatch for me. You always had an open door, that is something that is sometimes taken for granted. So many good times were spent there I don't know where to begin. Hahaha. You remember "Dank"? One night i had just shown up, I think, and walk in to see that you had no carpet on the floor. Only earlier in the day had it been ripped up, but there was already drawings and peices of art scribbled all over the plywood. The second shock was that you had gained a pet; "Dank the Chicken". I still cant believe that. You remember the racoon trap on the front porch? Lets see what else... The night Colin broke the fish tank. The night you got me and Tommy to box. All the boxing matches for that matter. I remember when we drove to Boone so you could get some new snowboard boots. I had just made a mix cd and brought it along only to find out that it was the only cd we had in the car. You had this great shortcut that ended up taking us forever and once we hit the mountain, there was a damn moving truck in front of us doing probably 15 mph that we got stuck behind for a good hour. All the while the cd had played through about 3 times and was getting rather monotonous. Both of us were about to fall asleep so we stopped and got coffee. Then on the way back a car passed us doing at least a hundred and we tried to catch it to see what it was and had no chance at all, which convinced us it had to be a Ferrari or something b/c your Honda Accord could keep up with about anything else right? Haha. Man, I had some great times with you brother. As I think back, I am overwhelmed with a great feeling of happiness which brings both a huge smile to my face and tears in my eyes. I thought of you as almost the big brother I never had. You really impacted my life for the better man. Whenever I am treated badly or rudely, my faith that the human race is good overall remains because of people like you. I suppose that "the almighty" needed a good artist for inspiration. I love you man. I will never forget you. Thankyou.


it's been almost a year since the accident and i still think about you every single day...sometimes with laughter, sometimes with tears. it still doesn't make much sense.

i miss you so much.

i'm living up in nyc now, trying to act...i get to see so many shows, you would be so jealous, haha. whenever it's a show that i know you would love, i look up to the sky and ask you to join me...i hope you do.

often, i think of that weekend that you and daniel came to uncg for the weekend to visit me and hannah. we played that crazy drinking game. i remember you having to go to the bathroom and you came back and said 'nobody use that first stall!!' we all looked at you like you were crazy...then we went to the bathroom and realized you peed everywhere but the toilet, haha!! and then you and mary had that punching fight and we ended up throwing all of my roommates things out the window, haha, only to realize it was the wrong roommates things. i'll never forget going to that frat party and hearing all this noise only to look up and see you and daniel with these huge grins waving your arms like you always did. even that next day you managed to make me laugh harder then i thought i could in one weekend...bobbing your head to whatever song was on in the car. i always said that was the best weekend i ever had. and it still is.

i got some pictures back from the living legends show you, me, meredith, cassidy...many others all went to in chapil hill. you took a picture of the grouch and turned to cassidy and i and said 'that is going to be one of the dopest pictures!!' haha, part of the grouch's head is cut off...but, justin...it's still dope!!

see, you're making me laugh even now...

i hope you are doing well where ever you are.

meredith told me that you loved me very much...that you said that. i love you too. we didn't get to spend nearly enough time together those last few months.

and justin...no matter what anyone says...i felt you that day. i was standing in the doorway at drews, looking outside...and i felt your arm around me. and once you let go, you knew i couldn't stand up any longer...colin was there to put his arm right where you left off. thank you for that.

ahhh, i miss you so much.

i'm never going to forget you.

i love you.

paige morrow

I remember meeting you and I remember lots of happy times together, but I don't remember quite when you took such a special place in my heart. You were so full of life, so full of love and excitement for everyone you met. You knew who you were and what you wanted out of life. I had so much respect for you, the strength of your convictions and your ideas about life. It's so hard to believe that

I will never see you again, your smile, your words. I'll never get to hug you or watch you spray paint. You were truly an incredible person, and a blessing in my life. I'll miss you forever.


Marissa Morgan

I babysat for you when you were little and lived by a pond with trout, ducks and snapping turtles. My heart goes out to Sally, Tim and your brothers. You were loved, and are missed.
Rebecca Kuter
I love you Justin and I miss you more than you'll ever know
You've only been gone a few months, but I still think of you every day--there's nothing I can say to describe the loss and how it has affected so many people.
Love always,

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