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Timmy's Instruments

Live Trout

     For family concert series, theaters, schools, libraries, churches and festivals, a Silver Trout performance is an enriching and highly entertaining event with more vitality and variety than any audience would expect in a single hour - puppetry, storytelling and award-winning original music on banjo, guitar, penny whistle, hammered dulcimer and English concertina.


     This residency brings Susana and Timmy into your school for a full day, beginning with school performances (PreK-2, 3-5 or K-5) and followed by in-depth, hands-on workshops with each artist. The day is completed with an evening family concert, which can be arranged as a fundraiser. Silver Trout will supply all necessary promotional materials (letters, flyers, posters) to make the evning a complete success.

Trout Filet

     This three-day residency begins with performances for the whole school (back-to-back concerts if necessary), followed by 2 1/2 days of hands-on workshops with Susana in puppetry arts and with Timmy in songwriting or storytelling. The residency culminates with an evening family concert. If you would like to arrange the family night as a fundraiser, Silver Trout will supply tickets (usually $3.50) and the proceeds are retained by the school.

ST Kids Puppets

Trout Deluxe

     The Silver Trout 5-day residency offers a truly in-depth arts and learning experience. It includes performances for the whole school, followed by 4 1/2 days of hands-on workshops by both artists as well as a staff development session on curriculum connections through the arts and an evening family concert.

Trout Deluxe meets all North Carolina Arts Council's "Arts-in-Education" Grant Guidelines
and is eligible for 50% (or more) grant funding from the NCAC.
Grant deadline is March 1 each year.
(Grant-writing assistance available on request)

"These two amazing artists have created an excitement beautiful to see
among our students, our faculty and our parents."

Diane Adams, Principal
Providence Spring Elementary School, Charlotte, NC

Music   Stories   Instruments   Schools   Kids   Teachers   Timmy   Silver Trout   More!   Store